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Learning Rust: crossbeam::epoch

I've been experimenting with Rust lately, and have just started following Jon Gjengset's videos.  In his latest livestream, Jon started a port of the Java ConcurrentHashMap to Rust.  I highly

Fun with lock elision


How… interesting. An open source program (ogg123) has been crashing repeatedly on my new laptop. The source code hasn’t changed in years. The stacktrace always points to __lll_unlock_

How to corrupt data with close()


In a busy multithreaded program that opens and closes files a lot, it's surprisingly easy for a minor C mistake to cause data corruption. For example: // returns 0 on success

The Brigadier


The Brigadier is a very simple way to make hot chocolate interesting: Large mug of hot chocolate 1/2 oz Cherry Heering 1/2 oz green Chartreuse It's pretty much